Front of house Living Room Living Room, view of hallway and front door Living Room, view of front door Kitchen: view of stove, fridge, and wine bar Kitchen: view of sink area, and hallway to pantry and to master suite Kitchen: wine bar and view of dining room Formal Dining Room, view of kitchen Formal Dining Room Formal Dining Room: view of side porch door, living room, and kitchen Master suite: fireplace and door to master bathroom Master suite: fireplace and French doors to patio Master suite: view of hallway to kitchen Front bedroom 2nd bedroom 3rd bedroom, used as an office Full bathroom with original cabinetry Master suite shower Master bathroom, view of master bedroom walk in closet door Large slate patio, view of French doors to master suite Patio, view of garage and French doors to master suite Garage door Front of house, long driveway Side porch along driveway, and side porch doors Backyard and patio view Backyard